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Retirement Planning has significantly changed over the years. As many of us prepare for retirement, we envision how our parents planned and how they have lived after they left the workforce. They most likely relied on pensions, savings, and Social Security. Today, however, there is an increased burden on individuals and families to save enough and ensure those assets last through their retirement years.

Generally speaking, there are three phases of retirement planning: accumulation, transition, and preservation.

At LaForest Wealth Management, we believe that the transition to retirement can be the most stressful and complicated. It is important to know that this phase should start 5-10 years before you plan to retire. This allows us to help you identify certain opportunities, including needs, objectives, and vision.

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As you prepare for retirement, you are faced with new decisions and strategies that may be different than you have been accustom. It is our goal to help you make these decisions and optimize your plan to meet your new needs, objectives, risk tolerances and lifestyle.

We understand the complications of retirement planning. It's not uncommon for people to overlook their retirement planning until they retire. However, being prepared for the unknown and avoid common pitfalls is crucial to realizing your goals.

Some of the most common areas of concern are:

  • are my retirement savings secure and asset allocated correctly?
  • when do I start to take Social Security?
  • is my life insurance portable when I leave my company?
  • how do my decisions effect my spouse and/or children?

After your transition, we are here to help you make the necessary changes to your retirement plan as the need arises. Every client is unique and we are you to help you address life as it changes.