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Medicare Insurance

Medicare is available to those who turn 65 or on Social Security disablilty. Many don't know what it covers or how it works.

What are Medicare Parts A, B, C, & D? 

How do they work and what do they cover?

You may have questions about:

  • Access to doctors
  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Drug coverage

Medicare Part A covers hospital stays and Medicare Part B covers doctors visits but they don't cover all the costs and they don't cover prescription drugs.

Medicare Supplement  or Medigap plans help cover the costs that Medicare Parts A & B don't cover. There price and availability may vary depending on where you live.

Medicare Part D covers prescription drugs but which plan meets your specific needs?

There are Medicare plans available that give you more coverage, which may vary depending on where you live. These are Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage Plans and combine Medicare Parts A, B & D all in one plan.

Finding your way through the "Medicare maze" can be difficult for many. We can educate you on how Medicare works and help you decide which Medicare option is best for you.

If you are still working and covered under your employer, it may be in your best interest to understand how Medicare works with your existing plan and when you can get full Medicare coverage when you retire.

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